E-Design : Colorado Cabin

Mindfully Gray : E-Design : CO Cabin

I’m excited to announce I’m officially offering E-Design Services! I decided, there is no better time than the present to jump in and take on a new opportunity, am I right?! As I’ve shared before, I’m a little nerdy (by a little I mean a lot). With E-Design, I am able to blend my nerdy side with my creative side to virtually create dream spaces tailored just for YOU!…

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How To: Hide the Cable Box

Mindfully Gray - How To: Hide the Cable Box

For over a year now we have had our cable box, DVD player, and AppleTV sitting on a shelf to the right of our fireplace. For over a year now, it has driven me nuts!! When we got a new loveseat, the shelf made it impossible for someone to walk behind the loveseat. The space was too crammed. It was time to move the cable box.…

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Do It Yourself

Hello Privacy!

Bamboo Shades - Mindfully Gray

We recently added some woven wood shades to our kitchen and bathrooms. Can you say – “Hello Privacy!” It is so nice to take the sheets off the bathroom windows and put up some nice shades from Blindster.…

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Our Home

Two Years and Counting!

Two Years and Counting - Mindfully Gray

Warning: This is not a home decor post but it is the next best thing – A wedding post!! Today marks our TWO year wedding anniversary. Y’all know first hand how much time and energy I’ve spent on our house. Well, picture THAT much time and energy crammed into a six month period. THAT was our wedding day. January 31, 2015.…

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About Us

New Year, New Throw Pillows

New Year, New Throw Pillows – Mindfully Gray

Recently I changed up the look of our entire living room, simply by changing our throw pillows. I have to confess, I obsessed over this throw pillow dilemma. I couldn’t stop thinking and researching all things throw pillows until they were all together, just so on our couch.…

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Our Home

Christmas Dining Room Tour

Christmas Dining Room Tour – Mindfully Gray

Next stop on my Christmas tour – Our dining room! I was excited to add a little Christmas cheer to this space because it’s the center of the home. We decided to put the tree in this room this year and boy, does it make a statement! I think this room was made for Christmas decor!…

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Our Home

Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide


Christmas is right around the corner! If you’re anything like me – You still have last minute shopping to do! Good news is, you came to the right place! I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite items for Christmas this year! The best part? All of these items can be found on Amazon, AND they are all Prime Eligible! Hooray for free two day shipping!! Direct affiliated links to purchase below.   Happy shopping & Merry Christmas! Direct…

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