Headboard Lovin’

Mindfully Gray - Magnolia Passage Headboard

It’s been a LONG time coming, friends but we FINALLY got a headboard in our master bedroom! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ I had been eyeing the Magnolia passage headboard from Restoration Emporium for quite some time. It’s simple, classic, and HUGE. I was looking for a headboard that would take up the entire wall – I did not want to have to find another piece to put above the headboard. This headboard accomplishes just that!…


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E-Design : Colorado Cabin

Mindfully Gray : E-Design : CO Cabin

I’m excited to announce I’m officiallyΒ offering E-Design Services! I decided, there is no better time than the present toΒ jump in and take on a newΒ opportunity, am I right?! As I’ve shared before, I’m a little nerdy (by a little I mean a lot). With E-Design, I am able to blend my nerdy side with my creative side to virtually create dream spaces tailored just for YOU!…



How To: Hide the Cable Box

Mindfully Gray - How To: Hide the Cable Box

For over a year now we have had our cable box, DVD player, and AppleTV sitting on a shelf to the right of our fireplace. For over a year now, it has driven me nuts!! When we got a new loveseat, the shelf made it impossible for someone to walk behind the loveseat. The space was too crammed. It was time to move the cable box.…


Do It Yourself

Hello Privacy!

Bamboo Shades - Mindfully Gray

We recently added some woven wood shades to our kitchen and bathrooms. Can you say – “Hello Privacy!” It is so nice to take the sheets off the bathroom windows and put up some nice shades from Blindster.…


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