5 Tips to Styling Your Shelves

As many of you know, our DIY pipe shelf is one of my favorite things to style in our home. Keeping in mind a few simple tips, I have changed up the look of this shelf many times without spending a dime. Brett built this shelf last year – See our DIY: Pipe Shelving for a How-To guide.

I am sharing below exactly what goes through my mind when styling a shelf. Following these tips below will help you to achieve balance, variety, and an effortlessness look without breaking the bank (or going crazy). Here we go!

  1. Keep it simple! This is HUGE! Regardless the size of your shelf, you do not need to fill the entire space. Place a view items on each shelf to balance the space, while leaving empty space as well.
  2. Add greenery – Faux or fresh! Y’all know I love me some greenery! Adding greenery to your shelf will add warmth. The first time I styled our shelf, I went into the backyard and clipped some branches from our evergreen to place in vases on the top shelf.
  3. Books! Books are an easy way to add a vintage flair. You can layer them by stacking them or lean them up against the side of your shelf or lean them against other items. Link to purchase Vintage Books. 
  4. Height – If you’re able, add height to the top shelf. This will help to fill the space above your shelf – This could mean large items, or even a piece of artwork.
  5. Change it up! You’re never stuck. Go through your house (inside or out) and look for new items to put on your shelf. You do not need to go out and buy new items to change it up – Work with what you’ve got!

Link to purchase pictured Vintage Scale

With these few tips you’ll have a whole new look for your shelf (and maybe won’t doubt yourself so much if you’re anything like me)! Just try not to overthink it! I remember planning our wedding my motto was K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid) – Something about that motto resonates with me and home decor, as well. 🙂


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