What better way to share a little about me, than 10 fun facts! Here goes nothing!

1.) We are Jamie & Brett! We met at a Young Life leader retreat back in 2009. We lost touch after meeting but we reconnected in 2012 and married in January 2015.

2.) We have a sweet five year old goldendoodle named Tucker.

3.) I was created to create. My true passion is painting / home decor but I do have a techie-side, as well. 

4.) My dream is to own my own shop one day! 

5.) I am an introvert and extremely indecisive (I drive my family and friends crazy at times with my inability to make decisions) and Brett is as extroverted and decisive as they come. Opposites attract in our case!

6.) I love my coffee! Nothing beats holding a warm mug full of coffee in the morning! Who is with me??

7.) I love to antique. We live in a 1957 ranch and so I love mixing old with new to keep with the original character of our home.

8.) I’m a born and raised Texan (Texas forever); however now live in the beautiful Kansas City.

9.) I’m a runner – I’ve run a handful of half marathons and one full marathon.

10.) Lastly, I’m a homebody! We just purchased our first home. We did lots of work to it prior to moving in and now we are continuing to fix it up one room at a time!

I’m so thankful you all saw something in me that made you hit the follow button! I’ve had the best time sharing pics of our home and I’m so grateful for the all kind words and love I’ve received the past few months. I feel like we are all real life friends!