We are Brett and Jamie! A husband and wife design team based out of Kansas City! Brett is the yardmaster / handyman specializing in landscape design. Jamie has an eye for interior design and was created to create. Together, we are fixing up our first house!

A little bit about us:

1.) We met back in 2009 through YoungLife – We lost touch and reconnected several years later and have been together ever since.

2.) We are both runners! We have each ran a marathon (separately) and have run a handful of half marathons together. Running is something we have always enjoyed doing together!

3.) Jamie is an outgoing introvert and as indecisive as they come! Brett is the life of the party and extremely decisive. We are proof – Opposites attract my friends, opposites attract.

4.) We have a golden doodle named, Tucker who makes many appearances on this blog. He is our child.

We are so thankful you saw something in us that made you hit the follow button! Words cannot describe how grateful we are for the kind words and encouragement we’ve received since starting this journey. Y’all are the very best!