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The past few months we have been putting in some WERK in the nursery! We first cleared out what was the “hodgepodge-art room-office”. Next Brett installed a beautiful shiplap wall in the nursery. Then we added a crib and glider from BabyLetto and the rest remains a work in progress.

The room might be incomplete, but I have been collecting nursery/new mom essentials based on YOUR recommendations, as well as a few others I came across on Instagram.
This one is for all you new mommas out there! These are fun products for you and/your nursery! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Although I have yet to use any of these products, they all come highly recommended. I plan to write up another post after the baby is born letting y’all know how they are working out for us.


SO many of y’all love and swear by your DockATot! I am so excited to try it out myself. One thing I LOVE about the company is their use of modern textiles and patterns. Why do so many baby products today only come in primary colors? (UGH!) I went with the Carrara Marble DockATot with the white play arch and toy set. I can see myself carrying this around the house and docking my tot literally wherever I go (pun intended).

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Ollie Swaddle

It wasn’t until I became pregnant that I learned Velcro swaddles existed. The thought of swaddling a baby without Velcro has me feeling a little uneasy as it is (ain’t no body got time for that). Ollie’s fabrics are soft and the presentation is stunning! It’s the perfect gift to take to your next baby shower! Can’t wait to wrap up our baby girl in one of these!

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Lollipop Camera

This camera is way cool, you guys! It has a sleek, modern design and also works well! We opted for a monitor that connects to WiFi in order for us to view our babe when she is left with a sitter, etc. The camera sends you notifications through the Lollipop app letting you know your baby is crying, the noise in the room is too loud, the baby moved outside of set boundaries, and so much more! It’s completely customizable (meaning you control what notifications are pushed to your phone). I love being able to see into the room with a HD picture and even talk to our baby through the phone. We’ve had fun playing with all the different features. We simply wrapped the flexible camera around the crib and Voila!

Lorena Canal Rugs

Two words: Washable Rugs. Lorena Canals products are not only stunning they are also practical! They have a boho vibe and are pleasing to the eye to both momma and baby! Their products are handmade with natural dyes. I adore our ABC Hanging Sign in the soon to be “play corner” of the nursery. Brett made book ledges we’ve filled with books and this sign complements it perfectly. I also got a coordinating pillow to throw in the mix and tie in with the ABC sign.

Binxy Baby

I can admit it – I’m a germ freak! Being pregnant during flu season has had me feeling all the more paranoid than I already am. Bixby Baby’s Stroller Hammock is perfect when taking your baby into the store – They are easy to connect to your grocery cart, keep your baby free from nasty grocery cart germs, and can hold up to 50lbs! Win-win! I plan on keeping this in my car 24/7.

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Finn and Emma Play Gym

After I finished my registry several friends of mine stressed the importance of a play gym. I didn’t have one on my registry initially cause let’s be honest – They are U-G-L-Y. Or so I thought – That is until I saw Finn and Emma Play Gyms. They come in a variety of wood finishes and have adorable interchangeable knit toys hanging down for baby to play with. This is a play gym I plan on leaving out in the nursery (yes, it’s THAT cute).

Solly Baby Wrap

This came highly recommended from you all, as well! I am thrilled to wear our baby in this wrap. Their patterns and colors are beautiful and I’ve watched enough of their Instagram videos to know it’s easy-peasey to put on. I am excited about this!

What are some products you feel are new Mom essentials? Leave them in the comments below!


I received product compliments of brands listed.

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