How To: Hide the Cable Box

Mindfully Gray - How To: Hide the Cable Box

For over a year now we have had our cable box, DVD player, and AppleTV sitting on a shelf to the right of our fireplace. For over a year now, it has driven me nuts!! When we got a new loveseat, the shelf made it impossible for someone to walk behind the loveseat. The space was too crammed. It was time to move the cable box.

I spent several weeks researching how to accomplish this task. So many of the devices out there do not show pictures explaining how it works. I don’t know about y’all but I’m a visual learner. It made it hard understand how these devices work without seeing it. I hope this blog post helps you to see exactly how it’s done!
Behind the wall to the right of our TV lies my closet. There is a top shelf in my closet (I can’t reach) that we decided would make a great place to set the cable box. We purchased a Wired IR Repeater from Radio Shack (costs around $25.00) to control our cable, DVD player, and AppleTV from my closet.

Some of the benefits:

  • Extends the range of an infrared remote control so you can control up to six devices up to 23 ft.
  • Controls your devices located behind closed doors or walls or hidden in a cabinet or closet.
  • Extra long extension cable gives you flexibility in where you locate your devices.


You simply adhere the receiver to the back of your TV (it comes with 3M tape on the back, you just gotta stick it on) and connect the receiver into the repeaters box and then to an outlet. Next, place the emitters on your devices IR sensor and plug the other end into the repeaters box. What’s an IR sensor? It’s the exact spot on your Cable box (DVD player, etc) that you point to turn it on/off or change the channel. If your not sure where that is I suggest looking in the device’s manual, google it, or have a friend hold the emitter on the device and from another room try changing the channel. Have your friend move the emitter around until you determine where the sensor is. And that’s it! You can see below where we placed the IR sensors on all our devices. It’s fairly easy to set this part up. The most difficult part we found was running the cables through the wall exactly how we wanted.


We decided to run the receiver from the back of the Β TV, through the attic, and down into the ceiling of my closet. This same Radio Shack device would work if you wanted to hide all your devices in a closed cabinet beside the TV, or in a media closet etc. We also ran a HDMI cord from the TV into our HDMI hub the same way. We use a HDMI hub so we only have to run one HDMI cable from the TV, to the hub. Then the cable box, DVD player, etc plug into the hub rather than the TV.


Now we simply point our remote at the receiver we placed below our TV, and our signal is sent through the IR repeater to the cable box and the channel is changed! It’s awesome! Works so much better for us than when we were pointing at the box to the right of the TV.
I hope this helps you all! Feel free to comment with any questions you have!

P.S. This is not a sponsored post in anyway. I just really like this product and am so pleased with how it’s worked for us I had to share!

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