Progress Report – Week 3

An update on the house. It looks like a war zone but at least progress is being made.  So far we have.

  • Knocked out the wall (YAY!)
  • Demoed the existing fireplace.
  • Removed a cabinet from the kitchen and tiled behind it.
  • Tiled the bathroom floors.
  • Primed and applied one coat of Shermin Williams Alabaster White paint to the kitchen cabinets and trim.
  • And our brick came in! REAL reclaimed Old Chicago Brick – From Chicago!

REAL reclaimed Old Chicago brick. This stuff is AWESOME. So many colors. This will soon be the face of our fireplace.

A company in town called Porter Furniture is making us a dining room table from old reclaimed barn wood. This beam came from one of the barns he tears down, as well. He stained it and we are using it as a mantle.








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