The Perfect Gray

The question I am asked most often is, “What color are your walls?” The answer to this question is how my blog / Instagram got its name!

It’s true – We had just gotten married, changed jobs, uprooted our lives, and moved to a new city (and state). We were homeless for a bit, living with a family as we searched for our first home. The housing market was INSANE. Homes selling for way more than the asking price, and multiple offers on almost every home! We prayed and asked the Lord to make a way – And we prayed specifically we would not get into a multiple offer situation.

Mindfully Gray - The Perfect GrayShortly there after, we found our dream home – A precious gray ranch built in 1957, engulfed in a canopy of trees (Oh, and at the very top of our budget, of course). Thankful the Lord knew the desires of our hearts and made a way. We were the only offer to come in, and ended up getting our house below asking price (with a brand new roof). MIRACLE.

So what does this have to with “the perfect gray”? Well when we lived in a little rental home before moving I had all my paint colors already picked out for our first home (talk about putting the cart before the horse). I carried the paint chips around in my wallet (and still do) cause you never know when you might need them! When we bought our house and started the renovation process I wanted to start a blog to document the process. I could not think of what to call it – I remember rattling off names to Brett one morning. The only thing I knew for certain at the time were our paint colors. I said “What if I call my blog “Mindful Gray”, after our living room paint color? Or “Intellectual Gray” after our bedroom paint color?” Brett suggested Mindfully Gray after the paint color but slightly different and unique to me. I was all for it! It represents our home, our living space, and in my opinion… The perfect gray! So “Mindfully Gray” it was, after the question I’m asked most – Our living / dining room wall color!

That’s all I got, folks! If were inspired by this post or my Instagram to paint your walls Mindful Gray, I’d love to see them! Tag me in your photos on Instagram!

More details on ALL our paint colors, including the sheens we selected came be found on my Paint Colors blog post.

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