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If you follow us on Instagram you know we have been renovating our backyard living space. I have tried to document the progress daily on Instagram stories as it’s moving along quickly (PTL)! When we moved into our house the backyard had a large (rotting) wood deck. Tearing out the deck wasn’t a high priority until we discovered animals living under the deck. They managed to find there way into our basement under the deck. We had no way of seeing what was under the deck to fix the problem – Thus, renovating the back deck moved up on our to-do list.

Brett tore out the deck himself (with the help of a buddy). We purchased more reclaimed bricks from the same brick guy we purchased from for our front porch. These bricks are THE COOLEST, you guys! They came from torn up alleyways in downtown Kansas City. Having pieces in our home that tell a story makes my heart skip a beat.

The project is still very much underway (a.k.a. our backyard looks like a war zone). See for yourself on my Instagram. In the meantime, I wanted to share with y’all some pictures I found on Pinterest I’m using as inspiration. Our design is something we completely customized and came up with ourselves. We blended our two styles and are incorporating reclaimed brick (as we have both inside and outside our home), a white fireplace, flagstone benches, and lots of herringbone! I am both excited and nervous to see the final product.


White fireplace


Reclaimed brick in herringbone pattern


Flagstone seating with arched fireplace opening


Thanks for stopping by! Many more pics to come!

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